[Project] Is That Even a Thing?

Have you ever wondered if that thing you just heard is even a thing? Now you can find out! (Well actually, soon you can find out.) There's a new website coming soon called "even a thing".

The Premise...

The site will contain a knowledgebase of "things" which either are or are not "even a thing". My current intent is for it to have a media-agnostic opinion of things -- that means it won't pull data from other sites. Instead, users will be able to vote on whether a thing is a thing, or not!

Check it out!

The beta site is here:

  • The beta will be updated as new features are released.

  • No current system is in place for nightly builds, but I might try to implement one.

If you want to check out the codebase, view the repository on GitHub:

Implementation details

(not an exhastive list)

The tools...

This project is being built using nodejs, with mithril as an MVC framework, and expressjs (not Express). I'm using browserify to require packages from within regular javascript files.