[DevOps] sshuttle: Super Easy VPN via SSH tunneling

If you've ever used a SOCKS proxy to tunnel your browser traffic, you may know how much of a pain in the ass it is to run an SSH tunnel, then configure your browser to connect to a specific port, every time you want to encrypt your traffic.

I recently stumbled across sshuttle while looking for VPN solutions. This tool allows you to forward all your traffic through an SSH tunnel.

Just make sure your sshserver has Python installed, and get sshuttle on your client machine with:

pip install sshuttle

Then run sshuttle with a command that looks like this:

sshuttle --dns -r user@sshserver 0/0

Now, all your traffic should be routed through your sshserver in a VPN-all-traffic-esque fashion.

Holy shit, that was easy.